Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Treat

Marzipan Eggs

Easter was the season for Easter eggs and marzipan. In Bangalore we got them from Nilgiris where we could choose from a wide variety of chickens, bunnies and delicious chocolate eggs. Once we moved to Kuala Lumpur, I had to rack my brains on where to obtain Easter Eggs for my little chicks. I managed to get a good recipe for marzipan and from 1997 have been making marzipan for friends and ourselves. My parents used to make them for us and we would stand around them grabbing eggs in turn until everything was inside us, rather than on the table. It was the same in my house with Serita & Ranita sampling more than they should. This Easter, Ranita made the eggs and is guarding them like gold. But I dare say, we will get our own Easter Basket on Sunday.
The Recipe
500gms almond meal; 250 gms icing sugar; 250 gms caster sugar (blend in mixer); ¼ tsp. almond essence; white of two medium sized eggs; squish of lemon juice; food colouring to colour eggs. 100 chocolate nutties. Baskets for decoration.
Place almond meal in bowl. Add the icing sugar and powdered caster sugar. Mix together. Make a well in centre and fold in the almond essence and lemon juice. Add the egg white a little at a time until the mixture in the bowl becomes a soft dough. Discard remaining egg white. Divide into portions and wrap with cling film. Add a few drops of desired food colouring to one portion and knead until marzipan is evenly coloured. Wrap with cling film and keep aside. Repeat process with other portions. Take one of the coloured portions, break off a piece and flatten on palm of hand. Place a nuttie in the centre and cover with the marzipan. Repeat process until the nutties and marzipan are used up. Place in baskets and distribute to all friends and well wishers.

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