Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mussel Up

Anu's Spicy,Stirfried Clams

Back to Bangalore for long forgotten favourites and wonderful memories. This is one recipe that we all adore. My Aunt Shobha used to pamper us as kids and cook this for us whenever we visited and even packed up containers of it to take back with us. On my visit to Bangalore last month , my sister saw some mussels in the market and bought a whole lot home. We couldn't wait for it to get ready and finished it while watching Masterchef. Please may I have some more?

The Recipe

1 kg shelled mussels, clean, wash & drain. By clean I mean remove the black beard; pinch turmeric; 4 sliced onions;1 bunch spring onions, chopped; 1 tbsp ginger-garlic, minced; 1 tsp chilli powder or curry powder to taste; a large bunch corriander leaves for garnish; large sprig curry leaves for seasoning; 3 tbsp cooking oil; 1/2 cup water; salt to taste.

Heat oil in a large, flat bottomed non stick pan. When hot, add the curry leaves and stir fry a minute. Add the sliced onions & chopped spring onions and fry on a medium flame till onions are caramelised and still edible (avoid burning them). Add the ginger-garlic and cook till a wonderful aroma arises and the household makes a beeline to the kitchen. Stir in the chilli powder or curry powder and turmeric and gently fry for a few minutes. Put the mussels in and keep tossing until coated with oil and well fried. Add water, salt to taste and cover and cook till dry and ready for the table. Stir in the chopped corriander leaves, test for taste and serve hot with rice & dhal or warm crusty bread. Absolutely delicious and I am drooling while writing this.

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