Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Sweet Vanilla Addiction 

 I fell hopelessly in love with the Herbalife Vanilla Shake ever since I tasted it six and  a half years ago.  Sometimes the urge to for something sweet is so great that I just team it up with fruits,  tit bits and other odds and ends.  Try this delicious dessert shake and add it to your list of favourites.  It may even become your own Sweet Vanilla Addiction and have you hooked for life.

The Recipe

250 ml cold low fat milk; 30 gms Herbalife  F1 French Vanilla soy powder; 15 gms F3 Whey Protein Powder; 1 slice chilled honeydew melon, diced; 2 dsp cooked sago pearls; tall wine glass and an orchid for decoration.

Blend the milk, F1 & F3 for 1 minute.  Place the sago in the bottom of the wine glass.  Pour the blended milk over the sago.  Garnish with the honeydew melon.  Decorate with the orchid and serve with a long spoon.  Very, very satisfying and low calorie to boot.

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