Thursday, February 14, 2013

Forever Shake

Strawberry- Dragon Fruit Breakfast Delight

What a way to start the day!  With a delicious strawberry- dragon fruit shake mixed with French Vanilla and Protein and soy milk or low fat milk.  I drool just thinking about it.  This has been my breakfast since January 2006 and I love it.  So does my family.  We all have our favourites and mine is French Vanilla with all the trimmings  What a wonderful way to eat delicious and look delicious!

The Recipe:

250 ml low fat milk or soy milk- cold or low temperature(heat destroys nutrition); 2 tbsp (25gms) French Vanilla nutritious soy powder; 1 tbsp F3 - protein powder; 1/4 dragon fruit and 5 strawberries.

Blend together with or without ice.  About 300 calories.  What is important is that it is a complete meal with 55 nutrients, energises, manages weight (lose/gain/maintain) and absolutely addictive.  My favourite for sure and my Forever And Ever Shake.

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