Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Extravagant Carrot Shake

                                                 Deepavali Three in One Shake

Deepavalli is certainly the right time for this extravagant Three in One Vanilla Almond Carrot Breakfast Shake.  This lovely orange drink not only activates your taste buds, it boosts up your system, keeps you full and provides you with energy from vegetable protein source,  giving you the stamina for all those Festive Parties and social gatherings.  Taken over a period of time (like I have been doing), it enhances your skin, reverses the ageing process , provides the body with all the vital nutrients,  maintains normal  blood sugar levels, helps the body retain adequate amount of water and enables you to move to a high fitness level- burn fat and pack muscles.  One of my favourites and I look forward to having my Extravagant Carrot Shake this weekend.

The Recipe:

150 ml low fat milk; 150 ml cold water; 1 medium carrot, boled and mashed to a smooth consistency; 1 tbsp almond meal; 2 tbsp (Scoops)  French Vanilla Soy Powder; 2 tbsp (scoops) F3 Protein Powder; ice cubes- optional

Blend all ingredients together and serve immediately.  Great for all ages.  And the bonus is this is a low calorie high nutrition breakfast.

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