Monday, June 27, 2016

Date and Banana Custard

Sugarless Date & Banana Custard
While going through recipes on Pinterest I came across this recipe which sounded good. So I hastily scribbled it down on a piece of paper. Those were the days when I was a novice on the computer and words like 'cut' and 'paste' were Greek and Latin to me.  I tweaked it to suit our tastes and got a dessert that's good enough for any occasion.

The Recipe:
3 eggs; 2 large very ripe bananas; 4 dates, pitted; 1 cup low fat milk.

Blend all ingredients to a thick cake like batter.  Pour into oven proof dish and bake at 200 C in pre heated oven for forty minutes or until skewer inserted in middle comes out clean.  
A simple, deliciously quick dessert to satisfy the sweet tooths.

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