Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Special

Peruvian Chicken

There's nothing quite like celebrating New Year with your family at home and that's what we did this year. Went for the morning service at St. Mary's and came back and made a fancy lunch, ably assisted by Nehru & Ranita with the cats hovering around hopefully, waiting for tit bits to come their way. This is a recipe I found some years ago while browsing the internet. Back then I did not know how to use the rotisserie function on my oven and kept putting it off every year. This year I roped in Nehru & Ranita and with their help served a delicious 3 course meal. The tantalising aromas that fill your house are worth the preparation time and the way the food disappears will certainly warm the cockles of your heart.

The Recipe

1 whole chicken, about 2 kgs; 4tbsp white vinegar; 3tbsp red wine; 3tbsp olive oil; 2 1/2tbsp garlic; 1 tsp chilli powder; 1 1/2tbsp jeera; 1tsp white pepper; 1 tsp salt;juice of 1 lime added to 3 litres cold water; 2 wooden skewers to secure the wings.

Trim the chicken of any excess fat. Wash thoroughly with the lemon water. Drain and get the spice mixture ready. Grind the vinegar, wine, oil, garlic,chilli powder, jeerapeper and salt to a thick, smooth paste. Rub all over the chicken - inside as well. Put as much as you can under the skin. Place in a container or zip lock bag and marinade for a minimum of 2 hours in the refrigerator. The longer you marinade it, the better the flavour. Not more than 24 hours though.
Preheat grill and prepare rotisserie. This is where the husband comes in. Get him to do the needful. Skewer the wings firmly and place chicken on the rotisserie and on the grill for approximately 1 1/2 hours at a temperature around 300 degrees F. (150 degrees C.) You'll know it's ready when enticing aromas spread into the house and your mouth starts watering. Remove when it's a lovely golden brown.

This chicken is also served with dipping sauce. Mix 1/2 cup of mayonnaise with 2 tbsp mustard and 2 tbsp lime juice.

I served it with Aromatic Ginger Fried Rice, Mixed Vegetables and Curd Salad.

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