Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Passion Fruit Salad

Aromatic Salad

This has to be one of the best salads I have ever made.  It not only tastes good and smells divine but looks great and can be a dinner table centre piece.  We have always grown passion fruits in our garden as long back as I can remember- in the ground and in the pot too on our balcony.  Once when our baby girl was two years old, she had a marvellous time plucking all the passion fruits I had so carefully nurtured on my balcony.  I just put them with the rice and they ripened within a few days and we feasted on exotic food and generally had a good time.  When we visited Bali a few years ago I was surprised to eat a variety of Passion fruit that was really sweet and very unlike the ones we had grown in India.  Last week I came across some of the sweet variety in the supermarket and succumbed to them.  Result- one beautiful, aromatic, Passion Fruit Salad that made my dining table look awesome.

The Recipe:

1 cup curds or yoghurt; 1 grated carrot; 2 passion fruits, cut and scoop out the flesh; 1 dragon fruit, diced; salt and pepper to taste.

Garnish:  One red chilli. A sprig of kafir lime leaves.

 I enjoy vegetable carving and try out simple things whenever I can.  Place the chilli on a board and cut it  3/4 down into half with a sharp knife.  Start at the tip and go upwards.  Then using a small scissors, cut each half 3/4 down into 3 to 5 petals.  Gently shake out the seeds.  Put in a container with water to cover and refrigerate overnight.  Next day take it out of the water and drain.  You will find that the chilli has become a beautiful flower.  Keep practising until you are perfect.

Method:  Mix all the ingredients together.  Adjust the seasoning and garnish with a red chilli cut to look like a flower.  Refrigerate and serve with whatever meal you are having.

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