Friday, June 28, 2013

Made In India

Recipe By Anu Elisha

Summer In Kundapura was a special time because we could eat and play to our hearts content .  All of us converged to our grandparents house and some of the happiest moments of my life were spent there.Our grandmother really spoilt us and one of the highlights of our holiday was the  varieties of mangoes available there.    The garden was filled with mango and coconut trees and we had a blast climbing them. Mangoes came in different shapes and sizes and colour and we could eat whatever we wanted.  Each of us had our own favourites and enjoyed them in jams, pickles, sauces, curries, ripe, raw and as a dessert as well.  Kalapadi, Mulgoa, Mundappa, Pyrie, Alphonso, Bennet Alphonso, Ladyhill, Polly Mango, Apus, Neelam and many more  are some of our childhood favourites.  Once the holiday was over it was back to our respective homes laden with mangoes and memories to last awhile.  It is no surprise that over the years mangoes have retained a special place in our hearts.  Here is a recipe for Mango Kulfi, a popular Indian Dessert made in the way only  my sister Anu Elisha can make it.

The Recipe

1 large Alphonso Mango; a portion bought mango kulfi or mango ice cream

Cut the top of the mango.  Remove the seed. (I ran a knife around to loosen the seed, and then firmly held the seed with scissors and twisted).  Stuff it with kulfi/ice cream and replace the mango top.  Freeze for 3 hours.  The mango should not get frozen stiff – you should be able to cut it easily)

Take out from freezer.  Remove the mango top.  Cut vertically into quarters (If the mango is huge, you can cut vertically into more pieces).

Serve on a plate and eat with fingers like eating a mango quarter.  Its delicious.  I am sure you've never eaten anything like this before.

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