Monday, February 29, 2016

Going Bananas

Bananas Fried In Ghee
Walking through the weekly pasar malam or night market with my daughter I happened to spy some extra large bananas in one of the stalls.  It turned out to be Nendra Bale- a special kind of banana that my Mum used to give us for a snack when we came home hungry from school and college.  It's delicious and that's what I made for my cooking class with Vincenzo  and Jessica from Spain this afternoon.

The Recipe:

2 large very ripe bananas, about 200gms each; brown sugar to taste; Ghee for frying.

Cut  bananas into half, peel and quarter horizontally (Four pieces per banana).  Heat a non stick pan and add 1 tbsp ghee.   Place in pan, lower heat and fry for a few minutes on both sides until golden brown.  Sprinkle with sugar and more ghee ( if desired) and serve hot.

Optional- Sprinkle with cinnamon powder or cardamom 

Instead of frying, they can be steamed and eaten with ghee and brown sugar.

Honey is another option.

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